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My Story

Image - Linda Bolle I’ve always loved a challenge, which is probably a good thing, because living with a condition that’s left me legally blind since birth has offered me plenty! Even so, when life wasn’t handing me a challenge, I’d create one of my own, or else help others conquer theirs. To date, I’ve earned four advanced degrees, all of which equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to assist others in overcoming their obstacles, whether they be physical, technical, or psychological. And if all that wasn’t enough, I went ahead and forged a fourth career as a coach! Why? Because I’m passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves and live their lives to the fullest; and that’s what coaching is all about!

Prior to my arrival on the coaching scene, I spent the better part of two decades working with physicians and advanced practice clinicians, both collegially (as an interdisciplinary team member) and clinically (as a psychologist). I’ve seen these providers at their best, their worst, and everything in between; I’ve learned a great deal from this on-the-job training, and have carried this knowledge and skillset into my coaching practice.

As a psychologist, I attest to the fact that some providers benefit greatly from psychotherapeutic interventions. As a coach, I assert, without hesitation, that all providers can derive a great deal from coaching!

As a whole-life coach, I work with physicians and advanced practice clinicians who’ve lost sight of their own needs and wants in the midst of meeting the needs and wants of others. I help them clarify their priorities and achieve goals that lead to the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives imaginable!

And even as I share my clients’ delight in discovering, or re-discovering, what truly brings them to life, I realize that, in the process of doing so, I’m honoring my own values, which include curiosity, creativity, uniqueness, freedom, playfulness, kindness, quiet confidence, and comfort, both the physical and the in-my-own-skin kind.

According to the prolific writer Mary Oliver, each of us has been granted but “one wild and precious life.”

If you’re living that life of yours in a way that doesn’t completely honor every aspect of your being—physical, social, emotional, and spiritual—please contact me. Working together, we’ll design and build you a life that surpasses your wildest dreams!

Dr. Bollé earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Antioch University/New England. She also holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation teaching from Boston College and a master’s degree in computer information systems from Boston University. Upon completing the coach training program offered by the Co-Active® Training Institute, Dr. Bollé was granted membership in the International Coach Federation.

Drawing on her clinical knowledge, experience, and skillset, Dr. Bollé has built a coaching practice that specializes in health and wellness, effective interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, work-life integration, values clarification, goal identification and achievement, and career enhancement.

Aside from being immersed in her life’s work, Dr. Bollé enjoys spending time with her husband, corresponding with friends, going for long walks on the beach, crafting, playing piano, baking confections, and caring for her beloved pets.

Disclaimer: Although Linda M. H. Bollé is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the State of Massachusetts, her coaching practice does not include the rendering of psychotherapeutic advice or services. Coaching does not involve either the diagnosis of mental illness or its treatment, and is not a substitute for professional counseling or psychotherapy.